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Waikapu Bed Breakfast

The legislative bills would streamline permitting by no longer requiring a public hearing for bed and breakfasts (B&Bs). The B&B could include the rental of the ohana unit with the owner of the B&B required to live on-site. B&Bs would be allowed in the Residential District, Rural District, and Agricultural District if standards are met. TVRs would only be allowed in resort areas and business districts.

waikapu bed breakfast

The Jasmine House Bed And Breakfast is a 25-minute walk of Wailea Emerald Course. Guests can reach Wailea city center in 25 minutes on foot. Redline Rafting is situated within 2 miles of this bed & breakfast.

DRIVING FROM HANA TO KULA The drive-time from Hana to our location is approximately 3 hours from both directions/routes.PROXIMITY TO SERVICES A café serving breakfast and lunch is located on the property (meals are not included). Shopping and dining is located with 15 minutes distance.

Registered Guests: Only registered guests are allowed in reserved cottages. All guest names must be listed on the reservation. If a guests arrives with more persons than the reservation was made for, and for more persons than the cottage will accommodate, then the extra person will have to book lodging separately (there is no guarantee lodging on-site will be available). There will be no refund given, if the reserving guest decides not to occupy the cottage.Lodging: we are not a resort, bed-and-breakfast or vacation rental. 350c69d7ab


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