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Jose Roberts
Jose Roberts

Scooter-Trip To Nowhere (Mind The Gap)

All of the places we stayed and wrote about in this post were reasonable sized cities with a load of accommodation. The only exception was Phu Lang Ka, which was just one hard to find lodge in the middle of nowhere.

Scooter-Trip To Nowhere (Mind The Gap)

Nowadays, you often have to take your ice coffee to go. I may not want to stand and drink it right in front of the coffee shop, and realized I had nowhere to put it while I scootered to a different destination.

We did all that, yet when all was said and done I felt nowhere near ready to work on an ambulance and take the lives of others into my own hands. Although I passed the national EMT exam (the NREMT) and volunteered with ambulance companies in the Bay Area, the terror and uncertainty I felt when treating patients prevented me from actually signing contracts with any of them. 041b061a72


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