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The Blind Side YIFY

In the fact-based film The Blind Side, a burly homeless black teenager Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron) is taken in by the family of Leigh Anne Tuohy (Sandra Bullock), a spunky white Christian mother of two and assisted through school until he achieves success as a football player in high school and college, eventually being drafted in the first round by the professional Baltimore Ravens. The film, written and directed by John Lee Hancock and adapted from a book by Michael Lewis, is undemanding entertainment that lacks a great deal of subtlety but is continuously entertaining and emotionally involving and redefines the true meaning of family values.Michael who is known initially as "Big Mike" has been abandoned by his drug-addicted mother and survives in the slums of Memphis, Tennessee only by his wits. He sleeps where he can find a warm place -- a friend's couch, a Laundromat, a school gym -- when a family friend intervenes and helps him enroll in a private Christian high school. Sensing the boys' potential, football coach Cotton (Ray McKinnon) convinces the administrators of the school to admit him although he knows that he will not be eligible to play football unless he can keep up his grades. Seeing Michael alone wandering the streets, he is given a lift and taken home and made a member of the family by Leigh Anne, an interior designer who lives with her husband Sean (Tim McGraw), teenage daughter Collins (Lily Collins), and SJ (Jae Head) an expressive little boy who provides most of the film's comic moments.Living with the Tuohy family allows Michael to learn to trust and to begin to express some of his feelings from a life of poverty and neglect. Michael who is so big that Leigh Anne can hardly find any clothes to buy for him is also gentle and lacks the killer instinct required of a football tackle. Tutored by the adorable SJ and counseled by Leigh Anne to view the team as a family he has to protect, Michael begins to develop his aggressiveness as a left tackle and develops his skills, eventually turning the team into winners. To raise his grades to be eligible for a college scholarship, the Tuohys hire Miss Sue, remarkably performed by Kathy Bates, who admits to the Republican family that she is a Democrat, prompting Sean to remark that he "never thought they would have a black son before they met a Democrat." Besides his grades, however, Michael must overcome several more obstacles that stand in his way before he can enter college.The Blind Side shows Michael Oher achieving a transformation in his life based on his relationship with the family who took him and nurtured him to independence and self-respect. Sandra Bullock delivers an emotionally resonant performance as a woman whose life is enriched by her simple act of kindness and courage to act from her values. While the film breaks no new ground stylistically, it also resists genre clichés, has no movie villains, avoids cheap sentiment, and, in spite of patronizing images in its trailers and advertising posters, is a humorous, heartwarming, and satisfying experience. Ultimately, The Blind Side is not a film about sports but about the rewards of showing love and support when it is not always accepted or understood by the community.

The Blind Side YIFY

It's 1934. Bonnie Parker helps Clyde Barrow escape a Texas prison work gang. Governor Miriam "Ma" Ferguson (Kathy Bates) faces public pressure. Frank Hamer (Kevin Costner) is recruited to be a highwayman with orders to take down the rampaging fugitives. He and his partner Maney Gault (Woody Harrelson) are former Texas Rangers which was disbanded in those more civilized times. The duo tracks the fugitives to their ultimate ambush deaths in Louisiana.Netflix seems to be taking over these medium sized films. This one tackles Bonnie & Clyde but from the other side. It's fascinating that Bonnie & Clyde were and continue to be media sensations. There are countless versions of them on the small screen and the big screen. They are cultural icons. They're basically shorthand for criminal Romeo & Juliet. They are cool and hot. They are the excitement and the romantic. Almost nothing is given to those who hunted and killed them. So it's really fascinating to see these icons with the eyes of their pursuers. Whether it's Costner, the time period, or the criminal icons, this reminds me of a harsher and less glossy The Untouchables. Bonnie & Clyde are more like side characters. They are the shark in Jaws. This paints a heroic weary picture of Hamer and Gault. These are old gunslingers from the Ole West. The truth is a little muddier. The ambush is interesting which does something more than the usual. The production is pretty good although I was concerned about authenticity at the beginning. It is closer than most Hollywood production. These are great characters. Costner and Harrelson are well within their elements. This is an engaging movie as a companion piece to the countless Bonnie & Clyde movies.

The film starts in Eastham, Texas 1934 with a prison break. Bonnie and Clyde are on the loose and the police are helpless to stop them. Only former Texas Rangers Frank Hamer (Kevin Costner) and Maney Gault (Woody Harrelson) can stop Frank's wife's 85HP Ford with suicide doors that needs oil.This is the story of the hunt for the outlaws from the law enforcement point of view. Frank shows no mercy and takes no prisons. He is the type of guy that says, "Hands up" after the outlaws are dead.Entertaining story even with Costner playing a straight man for his side kick. They are the over-the-hill gang that uses their brains and out thinks the younger guys.

Watching this was like being forced to endure water torture.Nothing new to add to the genre and adding in the blind narrative did nothing for the movie; no character development and the acting was pretty poor as well.You know a movie si not going well when you start checking to see how long it has left to go!

This is a lower budget film about a girl who has recently gone blind. Dad's going out of town but two of her friends along with a friend of her dad, who needs a room for the night, will be with her in his absence. Things are going along ok until they start to nose dive.Some have complained about the acting but it is a low budget film. Taking that into consideration gives me the opinion that they weren't all that bad because they could be soooo much worse.The story is weak at best and there is very little character development so there's not a whole lot to be interested in. It's just a random flick about random people in a random town with some random stuff going on. Nothing to invest in.I give this a 3.5 but we don't do half stars here and I decided to be generous by bumping it up to a 4. With that said, this is a very forgettable movie that is mostly like just something to watch when trying to kill some time.

After LE CAIRE CONFIDENTIAL last year, I just discover this film, not so far from the previous one, if you consider the story, the basic scheme. Not so far.A dark, bleak,gloomy tale speaking a rogue cop, former commissioner of Antwerp anti drug squad and involved with a right wing political party. But other elements are also in matter. Not for all audiences. I recommand it anyway.

"Dode Hoek" (Blind Spot) is probably the first movie released in the two parts of Belgium, and also produced in both parts of the country. Peter Van De Begin plays a corrupt police commissioner extremely well. His emotions go from extreme sarcasm to anger, mistrust and grief. Living legend Jan Decleir gives another very good performance while newcomer Soufiane Chilah gives a breakthrough showcase of his acting. The movie itself focuses a lot on racism and extremism on both sides of the law, while being extremely relevant to Belgium after the terrorist attacks in Brussels on march 22 2016. The pacing is a bit weird in the beginning but after a shocking reveal in the middle non-stop suspense keeps you on the edge of your seat till the credits start, and the ending will leave you question certain politic choices made on behalf of our freedom, while ignoring the blind spots.

I decided to give this film a watch simply because that was my chance to find out what modern Belgian cinema is like. As it turns out, it's pretty dark and gritty, with a lot of depressive undertones and a heavy social message. It could've been a great thriller, and the first part of the film indeed is, with you wondering what's going on and what all those little details will lead to. The acting is pretty decent too, with Peter Van den Begin being especially good as a big police official making a switch to politics to push his strict anti-immigrant agenda on a higher level.But what was Jan Verbeeck's virtue is the film's flaw. That is, being forthright to the point of bluntness. The "immigrants are a threat, and we want you to give up your civil rights for us to fight that plague" message had no second layer at all, and we sense from the start that the party pushing that message is the devil himself. Dode Hoek never even tries to delve further into this boil of societal frustration and show the other side of the story. Instead, it goes with displaying erratic and illogical behavior of the protagonist, at the same time trying to show his "humane" side, apparently in an attempt to make the character more sympathetic and relatable at the expense of the story's consistency. That makes the "sudden" plot twist at the finale almost inevitable, but hardly any logical.Apparently the immigration crisis is really the most burning topic of the European life of late, and the film artists can't just sit and ignore it. But, judging by this film, the cinema - and maybe the society as a whole - has yet to learn the language in which it could talk about it openly, without both self-censorship and hysteria. If that had been the real point of Dode Hoek - to show all the confusion and perplexity of those torn between the mandatory political correctness and the frustration of not feeling comfortable about the current state of affairs - then this might have been a really visionary film. Unfortunately, it prefers the heavy punches of black and white instead, exactly like its main character. Well, look where such approach has led him... 041b061a72


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