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Where's the kitchen everyone's saying makes ABS?

ABS are made in the kitchen...NOT in the gym... as commonly misperceived. You may wonder, 'WHERE IS THIS KITCHEN THAT MAKES ABS' ??? I'll share the RECIPE...

Maybe you are trying to become more HEALTHY or FIT and you want to see a different result and FEEL BETTER inside and out??? Your overall health is essential in reaching your goal and it is your LIFE insurance plan. DEEPER investment equals great return when it comes down to your health and it takes DISCIPLINE.

I have adopted a recipe, a method..The ‘80/20’ principle, and for me, it is 3 ingredients.

First, it’s the ‘80/20’' principle for my internal health, my daily food intake or diet. 80 PERCENT of MY diet is CLEAN, whole food nutrition, low carb, no processed foods and ZERO added sugars. (We are what we eat, so don't be cheap, easy, fast or fake). I have grown to LOVE this lifechoice. It is hard to consume 9-12 servings of fruits and veggies in a day, but I have some gap insurance and know that I am getting what I can't always get in a busy day or in the produce I purchase in the grocery strore. That leaves 20 percent for an occasional pizza night with my kids, a splurge, treats, or good old southern comfort foods or other indulgences. I enjoy those 20 percent guilt-free if and when I choose to enjoy anything out of my normal regime, because of the other 80 percent 'health insurance' of my overall diet. It takes discipline but IT WORKS.

The second ingredient, the ‘80/20’ method, is that your overall fitness and health consists of 80 percent diet (what you eat and drink) and 20 percent exercise.

YOU CANNOT OUT TRAIN A BAD DIET. Let me say it again for the people in the back, you CANNOT out train a BAD diet. I know, I know, but IT IS WHAT IT IS. NO MATTER how much you CRUSH IT in the gym and how many times a day or week you workout... It only equals 20% of your weight management or overall body composition leaving 80%. That is why it is said that abs ARE made in the kitchen, not the gym. Our relationship with food is most essential for overall HEALTH and weight management. For exercise, my go-to is strength training. Strength (resistance) training BURNS MORE CALORIES, increases METABOLIC RATE and cardiovascular fitness, aids in hormonal balance, weight management, builds lean muscle, and optimizes bone health. (Highly important as we all age).

And lastly, hydration. Research has found that 75 percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Dehydration causes fatigue, foggy memory, irritability and many other health issues. Being properly hydrated also boosts metabolism, WIN. It is recommended that the average person consume eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day (the 8x8 method). Personally, I drink over a gallon depending on my exercise level. You can calculate your daily hydration need HERE with this water intake calculator. I monitor my hydration with the new Hidrate Spark water bottle. It is an AMAZING and CUTE water bottle that tracks every drop you drink from it, syncs to an app and even reminds you on your iPhone and Apple Watch when to drink up!! Having a smart water bottle that I LOVE has helped me meet my hydration goals.

A healthy relationship with food, exercise and OURSELVES is KEY to being fit for life. Fitness is a LIFEstlye and health is a LIFE choice. We must honor our bodies as the gift they are, our temples in which our soul resides. We only get ONE, we have to invest in it well.

II have found the optimal way to maintain my overall health, hormonal balance, feeling, looking, sleeping my best, and performing at a maximum place mentally, spiritually and physically is to live this recipe. I have never felt better about honoring MY temple.

What about you??? I’ve got a couple faves...what are yours? Your BODY is YOUR temple, so how do YOU honor YOURS??

I am happy to help with your fitness and health GOALS and any questions you may have, Feel free to contact me on HOW TO GET STARTED on the path to a healthier more fit YOU.

xoxo, MC

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