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 The Shred 10 Challenge

We  can  do  anything  for  10  days...

Shred it. Live it. Share it. 

The Shred10® program is a FUN, EFFECTIVE, and do-able jump-start to better health. For 10 days WE will shred the food and habits that are not serving our bodies and will focus on clean living and flooding our body with whole food nutrition. This 10 day jump-start is the beginning of education and healthy changes that will revolutionize your health for YEARS to come!


We are what we eat...


Eating healthy and FUELING my body through whole food nutrition are the keys to the strength and health that my family and I are so blessed to have!!

I've partnered with Juice Plus+ because they have the ABSOLUTE best solutions in whole food nutrition!


In our busy lives it is unrealistic to consume 13 servings of fruits & vegetables daily and Juice Plus+ products provide some gap insurance in our diet.

You are going to LOVE how you feel and look!!  

Each month I lead a different challenge, nutritionally coaching you through the 10 days. 

 You can do the program ANY 10 days of your choosing. 

I’m excited you’re interested in trying the Shred 10 Program with me!

An all inclusive program to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle.

For 10 days, we will be shredding the habits, foods and toxins that are not serving our health and add the skills, habits and foods that will allow us  to enjoy 2020 to the fullest!!!

It’s fun and simple. During these 10 days we eliminate toxins (i.e. gluten, dairy, alcohol, processed foods, added sugars) and flood our bodies with fresh whole food plant based nutrition! 

The RESULT…a PROPERLY fueled, rested, lighter, tighter, toxin-free body!!


Additionally, the Shred10 program will give you TOOLS to carry forward to make a lifestyle change, versus a quick fix for better health!

The plan is simple...






Processed Foods

Sugar / Artificial Sweeteners






Processed Foods

Sugar / Artificial Sweeteners


Eat Real Food

Drink 80 oz. water

7 Hours of sleep nightly

30 min. exercise daily

Juice Plus Capsules

Juice Plus Complete Shakes 


You Are Not Alone...I’m Here to Help!

Here is everything you need to get ready...

READ & CLICK to Download (below) the Shred Guide- this covers ALL THINGS about the Shred10 challenge, including (what we’re eliminating in our diets) and the

WHY behind Shred10 and info for the best results. 

For GROCERY GUIDES click and download the Taste the Shred Cooking Guide (below)

Print off and fill out the Shred10 Tracker form (below) and take body MEASUREMENTS. (Optional)

Print off your Shred10 Daily Checklist (below) and KEEP TRACK of your compliance every day. (Optional)

Invite a friend or two to shred with us!

Connect with me to help get them set up.

Juice Plus+ products are implemented in the Shred10 challenge to complete the full program. 

You can still participate without purchasing these highly recommended products!

Juice Plus+ Capsules

Dehydrated Fruits and Veggies in Capsules/Soft Chews (30+ different plant varieties) 

Juice Plus+ Official Website   – Click on the clinical research tab for a full summary of the research. The data is truly remarkable and helped me become a believer.

Quick Overview of JP+ (5 mins)

How JP+ is Made (2 mins)

Juice Plus+ CompleteProtein & Dehydrated Superfood in a Smoothie/Shake JP+ Complete Video (6 mins)

Summer's Comin' Shred Challenge

June 1-10, 2020  

I’m excited for you to jumpstart your health with ME!

 You can do anything for 10 days...we all have time on our hands to GET healthy and especially NOW you have a

tribe of support rallying around you!! 

Reach out if you have questions about the challenge 

or need clarification on anything.  It's going to be amazing!

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