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Baldi's Basics in Comedy and Parody: The Funniest Baldi Mods That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

What are Baldi Mods and Why You Should Try Them

If you are a fan of horror games, you might have heard of Baldi's Basics, a survival horror stealth game that parodies cheap 90's edutainment and never takes itself too seriously. The game has become a cult hit among gamers and YouTubers, thanks to its quirky graphics, gameplay, and characters. But did you know that you can also play Baldi mods, which are fan-made modifications that add new features, content, and challenges to the original game?

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Baldi mods, including what they are, how to install them, where to find them, and which ones are the best to try out. Whether you are new to Baldi's Basics or a seasoned player, you will surely find something that will spice up your gaming experience. So, let's get started!

baldi mods

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Baldi's Basics - A Horror Game with a Twist

Before we dive into the world of Baldi mods, let's take a quick look at what Baldi's Basics is all about. The game was created by indie developer Micah McGonigal (also known as Basically Games) in 2018 as an entry for a game jam. The game is inspired by bad educational software from the 90s, such as Sonic's Schoolhouse and I.M. Meen.

The premise of the game is simple: you are a student who has to collect 7 notebooks from your friend who left them in the school. However, things are not as easy as they seem, because your teacher, Professor Baldi, has other plans for you. He wants to play hide-and-seek with you, but something is not right with him. He gets angry every time you answer a math problem wrong, and he chases you around the school with a ruler. To make matters worse, he has friends who can help or hinder you along the way, such as Principal of the Thing, Playtime, Arts and Crafters, Gotta Sweep, 1st Prize, It's a Bully, Filename2, Cloudy Copter, and more.

Baldi's Basics Mod Menus

Baldi in Ultimate Crossover: Remastered

Baldi's Basics with Superpowers!

Baldi's Basics Mod Archive Project

Baldi's Basics The Old Laboratory Chapter 4

Baldi's Basics Doom Mod

Baldi Hates You!

Baldi's Basics Character Swap

Baldi's Brand New Game!

Squidward Tentacles Clarenete Lessons

Baldi's Basics Plus but Baldi eats an apple

Jack's Schoolhouse of Enhanced Randomness

Baldi's Bakery Of Baked Goods

Bald-Impostor Resustered!

Baldi's Basics Classic With Plus Textures

Bluey's Basics Baldi Basics Mod

fnf x baldi

Baldi's Police Academy

Everyone Helps Baldi but Something isn't Right

[BBIEAL Mod] Baldi's Basics - Do Not Forget Fun

Impossible Baldi (Full Early Release)


Baldi's Basics in HD and Learning Mod

Sonic's Basics DX + Camping Extravaganza!

Abldi's Lessons of Random Stuff

Matamis Na Kanta: Virtual Tour (Baldi's Basics mod)

Survival Baldi's Basics The Ultra Decompile

Baldi Tower Defense Alpha

Old Baldi's Basics Feildtrip

Eternal Tea Time

The game is a mix of horror and humor, as you have to use stealth and strategy to avoid Baldi and his friends while solving math problems and finding notebooks. The game also features random events and elements that can change every time you play, making it unpredictable and challenging. The game has two modes: story mode and endless mode. In story mode, you have to find all 7 notebooks and then escape from the school. In endless mode, you have to find as many notebooks as possible without getting caught by Baldi.

How to Install Baldi Mods

Now that you have an idea of what Baldi's Basics is, let's see how you can install Baldi mods and enjoy them on your PC. The process is not very complicated, but you need to follow some steps carefully. Here is what you need to do:

  • Download the original Baldi's Basics game from its official website or from You can choose between the classic version (1.4.3) or the birthday bash version (1.4.1b). The classic version is more stable and compatible with most mods, while the birthday bash version has some extra features and surprises.

  • Extract the downloaded file to a folder of your choice. You should see a folder called "BaldisBasicsClassic" or "BaldisBasicsBirthdayBash" depending on the version you downloaded.

  • Download the Baldi mod that you want to try from a reliable source. You can find some of the best Baldi mods in the next section of this article. Make sure that the mod is compatible with the version of Baldi's Basics that you have.

  • Extract the mod file to another folder of your choice. You should see a folder with the name of the mod, such as "BaldiModMenu" or "BaldiUltimateCrossover".

  • Copy and paste all the files and folders from the mod folder to the Baldi's Basics folder, replacing any existing files if prompted. This will overwrite the original game files with the modded ones.

  • Launch the game by double-clicking on "BaldisBasics.exe" in the Baldi's Basics folder. You should see a message that says "Modded by (mod creator name)" on the title screen, indicating that the mod is installed correctly.

  • Enjoy playing Baldi mods!

Where to Find Baldi Mods

There are many websites and platforms that offer a variety of Baldi mods for you to download and play. Some of them are official, while others are fan-made. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • GameBanana: This is one of the largest and most active websites for game mods, including Baldi mods. You can find hundreds of mods for Baldi's Basics, ranging from simple tweaks to complete overhauls. You can also rate, comment, and request mods on this website.

  • Mod DB: This is another well-known website for game mods, especially for older games. You can find some Baldi mods here, as well as other games that are inspired by or related to Baldi's Basics.

  • This is a platform for indie games and game jams, where you can find both the original Baldi's Basics game and some of its mods. You can also support the developers by donating or buying their games.

  • YouTube: This is not a website for downloading mods, but it is a great source of information and entertainment for Baldi fans. You can watch videos of gameplay, reviews, tutorials, and reactions of various Baldi mods, as well as discover new ones that you might want to try.

How to Uninstall Baldi Mods

If you want to uninstall a Baldi mod and go back to the original game, or switch to another mod, you need to do the following:

  • Delete all the files and folders from the Baldi's Basics folder that were added or replaced by the mod. You can use the original game file that you downloaded as a reference to see which files belong to the mod.

  • If you want to play another mod, repeat the steps from the previous section on how to install Baldi mods.

  • If you want to play the original game, launch it by double-clicking on "BaldisBasics.exe" in the Baldi's Basics folder. You should see no message on the title screen, indicating that no mod is installed.

The Best Baldi Mods to Try Out

Now that you know how to install and uninstall Baldi mods, let's take a look at some of the best ones that you can try out. There are many types of mods for Baldi's Basics, such as gameplay mods, graphics mods, sound mods, character mods, crossover mods, and more. Here are some of our favorites:

Baldi's Basics Mod Menus

This is a mod that allows you to customize and modify various aspects of the game, such as Baldi's speed, stamina, anger level, math questions, item locations, character behaviors , and more. You can access the mod menu by pressing the M key on your keyboard, and then use the arrow keys and the enter key to navigate and select the options. You can also use the F1 key to toggle the debug menu, which shows you some useful information such as your coordinates, notebook count, and character positions. This mod is great for experimenting with different settings and scenarios, or just having fun with the game.

Baldi in Ultimate Crossover: Remastered

This is a mod that features characters and elements from other games and media, such as Mario, Sonic, Minecraft, Undertale, Five Nights at Freddy's, Spongebob Squarepants, and more. The mod replaces Baldi and his friends with various crossover characters, each with their own abilities and behaviors. For example, Mario can throw fireballs at you, Sonic can run faster than you, Sans can teleport and use bones and Gaster Blasters, Freddy can jumpscare you, Spongebob can blow bubbles at you, and so on. The mod also changes the graphics, sounds, music, items, and events of the game to match the crossover theme. This mod is perfect for fans of multiple fandoms who want to see how they would interact with Baldi's Basics.

Baldi's Basics with Superpowers!

This is a mod that gives Baldi and the player different abilities and powers, such as flying, teleporting, freezing time, cloning, shrinking, growing, and more. The mod adds a new item called the Power Orb, which can be found in random locations in the school. When you collect a Power Orb, you will gain a random power that you can use by pressing the spacebar. However, be careful, because Baldi can also use powers against you. For example, he can fly over obstacles, teleport behind you, freeze time and catch up to you, clone himself and surround you, shrink or grow himself or you, and more. The mod also adds some new characters that have their own powers, such as Super Principal of the Thing, Super Playtime, Super Arts and Crafters, Super Gotta Sweep, Super 1st Prize, Super It's a Bully, Super Filename2, Super Cloudy Copter, and more. This mod is ideal for those who want to add some variety and excitement to Baldi's Basics.

Baldis Basics Doom Mod

This is a mod that transforms Baldi's Basics into a first-person shooter game inspired by Doom. The mod replaces Baldi and his friends with demons from Doom , and You can also share your Baldi mod on social media platforms, such as YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, and Discord. You can also submit your Baldi mod to some game jams or contests that are related to Baldi's Basics or game mods in general.

Where can I find more information and help about Baldi mods?

  • You can find more information and help about Baldi mods on some websites and forums that are dedicated to Baldi's Basics and its modding community. Some of them are the Baldi's Basics Wiki, the Baldi's Basics Modding Wiki, the Baldi's Basics Discord Server, the Baldi's Basics Subreddit, and the Baldi's Basics GameBanana Page. You can also contact the mod creators directly if you have any questions or feedback about their mods.


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