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Tips On Buying A Ukulele

But before you make a purchase, you should consider the quality of your musical instrument. In this article, we will give you 7 tips and a checklist to guide you before buying your first ukulele. Beginners and ukulele professionals are welcome.

tips on buying a ukulele

Wagas Ukuleles is the leading manufacturer of ukuleles in the Philippines. We aim to craft affordable and premium wooden instruments that last for generations. In this guide, we share our expertise to help you.

On the other hand, the electro-acoustic ukulele is a hybrid of both standard and electric features. It detects sound and amplifies it to electrical waves. You can play electro-acoustic uke, with or without electricity.

Ask the manufacturer about the quality of the strings and the wooden materials. The traditional body is bent to form the shape. But, Wagas Ukuleles redefines this tradition. We use solid block mahogany wood in our ukuleles. This method of wood-crafting ensures durability.

If you want a pretty uke, limited edition ukulele designs are also up for grabs. Every month, we release new unique designs that embody rich arts and culture. For a more patriotic vibe, you can check our ukulele Philippines collection. We feature Philippine flags, maps, and proudly Pinoy designs.

Here in Wagas Ukuleles, we provide a free bag, pick, uke basic chords, travel sling for every travel package. We also offer FREE delivery and awesome discounts anywhere in the Philippines. We uploaded a video on Facebook showing our ukulele accessories. Watch it here.

Whether you are looking to start playing pop, folk, classical music, jazz or other styles of ukulele, or playing melody tunes or chord accompaniment, Eagle Music will help you to make the right choice.

The four main popular sizes of ukulele are (from the smallest to the largest) soprano, concert, tenor and baritone. So, when choosing your ukulele consider what size is most suitable for you and also the sound/tone that you will get from the instrument.

Steve Noon of Eagle Music Shop writes... "My guitar teacher father put a ukulele into my hands at a very young age, from that day on I never looked back, I went on to play ukulele, piano, guitar, mandolin and banjo and was a professional musician by the age of twenty!"

The soprano ukulele is the smallest in the ukulele family and has the traditional bright, sweet sound. It is the best choice for children starting to play and can be played by children as young as four years old.

If you are going to sing along with your ukulele, you may want to experiment with different tunings to suit your voice, tuning up your ukulele to a different pitch enables you to sing in a different key while still playing the same chord shapes!

As you move up through the range of ukulele sizes to the tenor and baritone ukuleles you get a deeper, fuller tone with increased volume. The tenor ukulele is a popular choice for musicians that want to pick out fingerstyle tunes and play solos. In many cases the professionals choice! You have a wider range of musical notes which lends itself to solo playing.

Low G tenor tuning is as follows: Low G C E A. The Low tuned G string gives you a wider span of octaves. It is important that your ukulele is fitted with the correct strings for the tuning that you require.

High G baritone ukulele tuning gives you the same pitch relationship as that on a guitar. Guitarists will find the transition to baritone ukulele from guitar easy and the larger sized neck of the baritone ukulele will feel comfortable, on the other hand if you learn to play the ukulele and then move on to playing guitar you will find that many of the chord shapes are the same. (but may have a different name due to the ukulele tuning)

The bass ukulele is a fairly new concept that has grown in its popularity.Typically the body is no smaller than that of the baritone uke but it can be bigger. The strings can be either standard wound steel strings found on a normal electric bass or more commonly the thicker rubber style strings currently made by Aquila. They are very popular amongst ukulele groups to give the group a much more rounded and rich overall sound or beginners to the bass guitar.

An important point to note for beginners is that ukuleles come in four different sizes, The tunings for three of the sizes are the same Soprano, concert and tenor. The baritone is tuned like the first four strings of a guitar, so if you are a guitarist you can play baritone uke! Also the chord shapes in many cases are the same shapes that you use on a guitar, but because the soprano, concert and tenor ukes are tunes different the chord names differ.

Answer: You can visit our shop at any time during our normal opening hours. You can make yourself at home here, have a cup of Yorkshire tea or coffee and spend as long with us as you may you need to make your choice. You will be able to try various brands and different ukulele models at all price levels to help you make your choice. We have dedicated staff that are ukulele specialists and can play all styles of mandolin. We will help you to make the right choice of mandolin and then continue to help you along your musical path after you have bought from us. We shall always be here for you at the end of the phone to help you with any technical questions.

Answer: Popular music can be played on all sizes of ukulele. The most popular ukulele type for normal sized persons is the concert uke. The smaller soprano ukulele is excellent for children and the tenor and baritone ukes are easier to play for persons with larger hands.

Answer: Here at Eagle Music we have an on-site workshop manned by ukulele technicians, we set-up and repair ukuleles on a daily basis. We offer you our best service and a FREE Premier set-up when you purchase a ukulele from us. We will look after you as a valued customer after you have bought your ukulele and give you our technical support. We shall be here whenever you may need us in the future to service your ukulele and will give you our best workshop price quotation for any work that may be needed.

Answer: If you are not completely satisfied with a ukulele that you purchase from us, you can return the ukulele to us for a full refund or a replacement. Every ukulele that we sell has a warranty. Some of the lower priced ukuleles we sell will have a twelve month warranty. Some of the higher end ukuleles that we sell carry a lifetime guarantee against parts and workmanship.

Answer: We offer you a comprehensive range ukulele spares and parts including ukulele strings tuning machines, pick-ups etc. We work closely with all the ukulele makers that supply us, and can also obtain any custom parts and retro-fits that may be available.

Answer: The choice of ukulele for playing popular music is really your own choice. All the different size models are suitable, but the main point to note is that different sounds are produced by the different sized models.

Answer: You can choose from Phil Davidson, Eastman and Tanglewood to mention a few of our top class makers. Each one of these World Class brands has its own unique features and characteristics within its range of ukulele models.

Answer: We can consider what you are wanting to trade in with us. we will offer you the best price and give you our best advice at the point of sale. In many cases you will get a better price by selling your ukulele on ebay or by private sale.

Ukuleles in Hawaii are sold as cheap souvenirs, entry-level instruments, and high-end Hawaiian-made instruments. Expect to pay $150 to $500 for a decent ukulele made in Hawaii and $1,000 to $4,000 for a top tier instrument made with Hawaiian koa. Consider purchasing a Hawaiian brand or buying from a local artisan.

The ukulele is symbolic of Hawaii, right up there with leis and Hula dancers. If your goal is simply to pick up a memento that captures the spirit of the islands, then there are a great many affordable options for you.

Be warned, though, these ukuleles are rarely playable. Most of them are poorly made and will not hold their tuning. On occasion, you will get lucky with a halfway decent instrument that stays in tune. But most souvenir ukuleles are best-suited as wall hangers or toys for children.

There are many reasonably priced entry level ukes available in Hawaii. Similar to the mainland USA, expect to pay at least $50 -$100 for a ukulele that is playable and will stay in tune. Ukes in this range will typically feature laminate tops, that is, the soundboard is constructed by gluing many layers of wood together.

If you want a higher end beginner ukulele, look for instruments with solid tops. These ukes are constructed using a single piece of wood for the soundboard which results in a better tone. Beginner-level solid top ukuleles will cost between $100 and $300.

If you choose to buy a ukulele in Hawaii, you will have to get it home somehow. Cost can increase if you have to factor in shipping or the price of checking an additional item on your airline. Many stores offer free shipping with purchase so always ask what your options are.

There can be perks to purchasing a ukulele in Hawaii, especially if you are seeking a fully Hawaiian uke. For one, you can visit stores or builders and play a variety of different instruments before making your decision.

This store opened in 1999 and now has two locations in Waikiki on Oahu, one in the Sheraton and one at the Moana Surfrider Westin. They carry a full spectrum of ukuleles from entry-level to the major Hawaiian brands.

This store is relatively new, but is notably owned and operated by Bruce Shimabukuro, the talented brother of Jake Shimabukuro. It is located at the Pacific Beach Hotel in Waikiki on Oahu. The Ukebox offers superb customer service and ukulele lessons. 041b061a72


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