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Road Trip (German Edition) [BEST]

Most of the road trip centered on the states of Saxony-Anhalt (Sachsen-Anhalt) and Thuringia (Thüringen) which were part of the old GDR (East Germany). Many cities in these areas lost a third of their population after the wall came down, but most of the cities boast beautiful medieval centers and are rich with history. Chris explores ancient market squares, monasteries, and churches, canopy walks, castles and palaces, museums, and festivals.

Road Trip (German Edition)

Amateur Traveler, Episode 517. Today the Amateur Traveler talks about castles and gardens, the Reformation, UNESCO World Heritage sites and bratwurst as we go to the heart of Germany on a road trip to Lutherland.

This guide is stuffed full of useful information that I wish I had found before road-tripping through Germany. From top road-tripping routes in Germany to the rules of the road and even basic information about what side of the road they drive on in Germany.

We had no issues finding parking during our road trip to Germany. This was one of my first worries about renting a car in Germany, however, it was quickly erased with available parking lots and perhaps some luck in finding street parking.

After some really bad weather, we pushed through our last day to end our road trip in Berlin at the Three Little Pigs Hostel. We also stayed at Hilton Berlin, Circus Hotel and Huettenpalast while visiting Berlin multiple times this summer. All are fabulous options depending on your budget.

Hi!My husband and I have just started looking into planning a road trip in Germany and this blog looks like it will be extremely helpful. Where did you spend the nights? And did you book hotels ahead of time?

When starting off on our road trip through Germany we had so many questions. Where should we eat? Is driving in Germany difficult? What towns should we stop in, and how fast is the autobahn Germany speed limit? No need to worry! We break down all our top Germany travel tips for you from our own road trip experience.

To get to the start of the Romantic Road in Germany, make your way to Wurzburg. We started our road trip by flying into Frankfurt International Airport (FRA), located a little over an hour away from the start of the Romantic Road.

Prior to taking this road trip around the country, the only other experience I had of Germany was in its big cities. I had no idea that its countryside was so beautiful, full of little villages and castles, fields of sunflowers, and surprising delights. As much as I'm a city person, the countryside in Germany may have converted me.

If you like road trips and happen to be in Germany, then you are certainly in for a rewarding experience. Not only will you appreciate German roads, but also enjoy some of the most relaxing days cruising through quaint villages, medieval castles, and unspoiled countryside.

We hope that we have managed to tempt you to plan an amazing road trip through Bavaria in Germany. If you have any questions or would like to add something to this itinerary, drop us a comment below ? And before you go, do check out some of the related articles:

Hello and thank you for your post. I am flying to Munich and wish to do your road trip except in a shorter period of time. Can you please tell me with which company you rented your car and the costs as well as what type of car did you rent. Thanks.Mariane

We have 10 days in Germany. We want to do a road trip but combine Black forest and Bavaria. We are also driving around. In terms of the no. of days the choice is spending 2 days in Berlin or Salzburg. What would you recommend

I an my husband are planning a trip to Austria, Germany & Switzerland. While doing research, we came across your blog and totally loved it. We plan to have a similar road trip covering parts of Austria & Bavarian Germany (basically the alpine roads) by road. We live in India and hold valid Indian licenses and were wondering if we can hire car and drive on Indian license. Plz advice from your experience. Thanks!!!

Just planning a road trip somewhere in Europe, I typed Bavarian Road Trips into Google and found you guys. I now know where I am taking my camper this summer. Thanks for putting this on-line. It looks stunning

This was a wonderful article. It inspired us to make Germany our destination for our annual vacation in July. We used it as our base to draw up the itinerary for our trip. We followed a lot of your recommendations (Unterwossen, the Ice Caves, a Gorge (though we did Leichensteimklamm, instead of Partnach Gorge), Dachau) and it turned out to be one of the best road trips. The ice caves were awe inspiring and we would have never thought of it, if not for this article. So thank you so much for this. In fact, when we visited Berlin, we went to Burgermeister too, since it was on your must try recommendations! And though I m a vegetarian, my husband and friend said it was the best burger they has ever eaten!

HiYour road trip has inspired us to do the trip March 2017. We have booked the ferry from the UK already. If the weather is too bad then we will just drive the other way from the ferry to Berlin. Cannot wait!

A huuuuge fan this side .. !! We are planning a road trip to Germany but we just have 4-5 days for it.:(Please suggest a route (Cities and towns) for those 5 days so that we can make most of the time..that will be great help ?We will be traveling from Netherlands ..just to mention ..Much Love

My husband and I would do a road trip in Germany from Frankfurt to Fussen through the cities of Romantic road. We are staying at Fussen. I have a couple of questions:1. Is US driving license valid in Germany or need a IDP.2. Any tips/ suggestion on tolls .3. For the neuschwanstein castle , how to visit it ie should be go inside and take a trip of the castle or view it from outside and use the day to check out surrounding places. Where else we can go close to Fussen

I was looking for recommendations on traveling in Bavaria with my family and came across your blog and I feel we might end up doing the EXACT road trip, it seems so good!! I read through the comments and it answers most of my questions, just had one more. I have heard it rains a lot in Germany in July and August. We are planning to travel last week of July/first week of August. How was your experience traveling? Did you face a lot of rainy days and did that dampen or alter any of your plans?

I must say I am an ardent follower of your travelogues and completely adore your loving posts.I am planning for a road trip from Munich to Fussen in October and would require your help for some queries. I wanted to know is IDP mandatory for driving in Germany or can I manage to drive with an Indian driving Licence , I got through many posts and all suggested while it is not mandatory but preferable . Do I really need an IDP or could I do without it. Also wanted your suggestion on the route from Munich to Fussen and car rentals near Munich Central station.

I follow your insta posts & photos which are just out of this world. I do keep in mind all the beautiful places you mentioned. We, 3 families with kids are planning for a road trip from Prague to Geneva in 10 days. We are planning to cover Munich, Bavaria, Alpine Road, Liechetenstein, Lucerne, Interlaken, Bern, Zermatt & Chamonix.Can you help us if we can cover all these places, reasonable hotels & even a van or mini-bus accommodating 13 Nos.? Searched through a lot of websites & not able to find a vehicle.Is it possible to cover these places? We mite change the intinerary depending on our travel & convenience.Please do suggest the clothing to take during March to these places.

Hey guys, this trip looks really interesting. We are planning to take this road trip with two kids aged 1 and 3 years. Can you let me know if vegetarian food is available easily or should we stock up food from supermarkets when possible.

Motorhoming through Germany means that you are totally flexible on your road trip, and you can either have a fixed plan and route all mapped out or you can travel along and decide where to go as your fancy takes you.

On our road trip through Bavaria, we saw fairytale castles, stunning crystal clear lakes and picture-postcard scenery. But Bavaria also houses its capital city Munich, and heartbreaking memories at Dachau Concentration Camp.

Eltz Castle is a mediaval castle located near Cochem, so a perfect second stop on this fairytale road trip through Germany! This castle actually impressed me the most and I would love to go back during fall season to see it surround by orange coloured trees. Eltz Castle is nestled in a valley surrounded by forests and especially offers a knock out view if you walk towards it from the main road ( not the pedestrian one through the woods).

This article inspired me on going for a week-end in Germany ! We did the Drachenburg Castle and Burg Eltz on day 1, slept not far from there and visited Geierlay Bridge, Cochem and Monschau on day 2 before heading back to Brussels. I like visiting Germany and will definitely plan a longer road trip to see more of this beautiful country ! ?

In this packed edition of the On The Rox podcast, Denver Post sportswriters Kyle Newman and Patrick Saunders break down an array of topics as the Rockies embark on a road trip to Arizona and San Francisco.

TIP: I would recommend staying the night in Fussen. There are several hotel and restaurant options in the village making it a convenient place to rest and re-charge for a long road trip ahead! We loved our stay at Hotel Hirsch, a boutique hotel which offered spacious rooms in traditional Bavarian design, a restaurant and beer garden, and a wonderful buffet breakfast.

A small group of us are planning a trip to Germany. We will flying into Munich to spend 2-3 days at Oktoberfest. From there, we wanted to do a 5 day drive through the romantic road before catching a plane from Frankfurt to Norway.

Coming to Munich for Oktoberfest. I will have 2 days before leaving for Paris. I want to do romantic road and see neuschwanstein castle. I need to start and end my trip in Munich. Can you give me a 2 day schedule for this trip? Thanks


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